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The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at the NYU School of Law is an independent non-partisan academic center dedicated to the study and support of state attorneys general in their work defending and promoting clean energy, climate and environmental laws and policies.

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    A New Look for a Busy Year

    If you are interested in attorney general work on climate, environmental protection, clean energy, and environmental justice, the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center’s website is a resource you should know about.

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    2021 and Beyond: Environment & Energy Cases Involving the Biden Administration

    Updated 4.1.22. This project tracks court decisions on challenges to federal energy & environmental actions from 2021 on. Of the ten cases that have been decided, the Biden administration has won four, lost four, and had two dismissed as moot. This tracker will be updated as new decisions are released; please email [email protected] to submit updates.

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    FERC Judicial Review Tracker

    Updated 3.28.22. This tracker collects court decisions reviewing orders of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and includes the underlying orders in each case, information about the commissioner composition, and the outcome of judicial review. The tracker also includes brief analysis of the data, and will be updated as new decisions are issued and expanded to include prior years.

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    Expanding AG EJ Practice — A Resource

    Updated 4.21.22. This resource gives an overview of environmental justice and provides guidance for AG offices looking to set up or expand their work in the EJ practice area. It highlights influential moments in EJ history, provides a look into mapping tools states have used to identify EJ communities, identifies current federal and state policies that implement EJ practices, and tracks EJ updates in the media.

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    #StateImpactAlert Makes Participating in Rulemaking Easy

    #StateImpactAlerts will save you from having to comb through the Federal Register to stay up to date. The alerts include a brief description of the action, the agency or agencies behind it, the deadline for comments, the date of public meetings (if applicable), and the link to the proceeding.

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    Tracking Transmission Reform

    Updated 6.21.22. Transmission planning needs to change to support a clean, affordable, and equitable grid. Hear from state attorneys general on why transmission reform is a critical aspect of climate response, get background on how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is approaching its overhaul to the process, and stay up to date on how attorneys general are getting involved.

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    Building Power in the Environmental Movement

    Green 2.0 Blog — The field of environmental law has been slower to diversify than the larger environmental movement. The sector needs more diversity to represent key environmental issues.

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    PFAS Federal Legislation in the 117th Congress

    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are bioaccumulative and environmentally persistent, have been widely used in commercial applications since the 1950s, and have been linked to a series of human health harms. The widespread public exposure to dangerous levels of chemicals in drinking water and other potential pathways has triggered significant concern in Congress.

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    State of Play Reference Guide

    State attorneys general brought or were otherwise involved in many legal challenges to regulations, policies and decisions made during the Trump administration by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department, the Energy Department and other executive branch agencies. Use the tabs at left to explore the status of these lawsuits and other issues, sorted by agency or department.

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    Midnight Watch Project

    Tracking last-minute actions by the outgoing Trump administration on environmental, climate and energy issues during the presidential transition through Inauguration Day on January 20.

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    The Health & Environmental Settlements Project

    The Health & Environmental Settlements Project evaluates mechanisms that have been used by state AGs, Congress, and others to address the toughest large-scale health and environmental liability and compensation challenges over the last 50 years.

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    Climate Change and Public Health

    Climate change has many adverse health consequences, and if robust climate action is not taken, these health impacts are expected to worsen, resulting in tens of thousands of additional people sick and lives lost, with disadvantaged communities hurt most of all. Thankfully, state attorneys general have stepped in to challenge the rollback of climate regulations and fight to protect human health and the environment from the ravages of climate change.