2021 and Beyond: Environment & Energy Cases Involving the Biden Administration

An illustration of a court house with four columns; the spaces between the three columns show, from left to right, water, land, and sky.

The State Ener­gy & Envi­ron­men­tal Impact Cen­ter has cre­at­ed this chart to col­lect court deci­sions on chal­lenges to fed­er­al actions relat­ed to ener­gy and the envi­ron­ment from 2021 until the present. To sub­mit updates or cor­rec­tions please email: [email protected]​nyu.​edu.

Back­ground & Results

Of the ten cas­es that have been decid­ed since 2021, the Biden admin­is­tra­tion has won four, lost four, and the remain­ing two have been dis­missed as moot. Mul­ti­ple deci­sions have been appealed, and many oth­er cas­es are pend­ing before courts across the country.

Many of the cas­es were focused on fos­sil fuels and cli­mate change. Three of the cas­es were relat­ed to oil and gas leas­ing or pipelines and two oth­ers were relat­ed to the fed­er­al government’s use of the social cost of car­bon met­ric. Three oth­er cas­es dealt with wildlife issues, while the remain­ing two were chal­lenges to admin­is­tra­tive actions.

Updat­ed April 12022