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    Anti-ESG Laws Cost States and Cities Billions

    “In the face of fires, record heat, floods and other extreme weather events across the country, House Republicans are using much of July to oppose financial transparency related to climate risks and to attack investor freedoms. Their reckless course endangers not just the planet but also the financial stability of Americans’ retirement savings and pensions.”

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    EPA should follow Maryland’s lead and strengthen landfill standards

    “Landfills stink. Worse, they emit hazardous air pollutants, precursors to ozone and particulate matter, and methane — a super-potent greenhouse gas with about 80 times the near-term warming power of carbon dioxide. Progress in Maryland and other states shows landfill methane reductions are possible to achieve at low cost and right away.”

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    The Biden Administration Can Learn From Trump-Era Court Losses

    “The Biden administration can learn lessons from court rulings against Trump administration rules and regulations, including environmental cases, says NYU School of Law’s Bethany Davis Noll. With a win rate of just 23%, she explains her study showing that losses mounted even in front of partisan-aligned judges.”

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    The DER future is nearly here? Stuck in the weeds on Order No. 2222 implementation

    “In advance of the original compliance deadline for the order this month, the State Impact Center’s recent report, Are We There Yet?: Getting Distributed Energy Resources to Markets, takes a closer look at the compliance process in each regional market and where the delays are happening.”

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    Big changes may be ahead for natural gas pipelines, if FERC does its job

    “The day of reckoning for new natural gas infrastructure is long overdue. As states and consumers turn towards cleaner sources of energy, we must ask what the place is for new pipelines.”

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    Trump Is Aggressively Pushing His Anti-Environment Agenda Amid a Pandemic. It’s Inexcusable.

    “The coronavirus pandemic has virtually shut down the U.S. economy. The lights remain on, however, at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department, where the Trump administration is working to push through its radical reordering of our nation’s environmental and conservation priorities — pandemic or no.”

  • Op-Eds An above-ground pipeline weaving through a green wooded area

    Erring on the side of trampling on states' rights

    “State clean energy policies. State water quality certifications. Pipeline construction on state land. Lately, when given the choice between co-existing with state authorities — as contemplated by the longstanding cooperative federalism surrounding environmental and energy regulation — and simply steamrolling those authorities, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has consistently pursued the latter.”

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    State attorneys general prepare to fight for clean energy rights

    “Forward-leaning state laws and policies are accelerating the uptake of clean energy and showing the way to a decarbonized electricity sector that produces broad-based, equitable and economic benefits to state residents. Unfortunately, the federal government, acting through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), is dismissive of states’ statutory rights to shape their desired energy mix”

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    The looming threat to state renewable goals in wholesale electricity markets

    “While I certainly agree with Michael Hogan’s affirmation of states’ rights to address environmental externalities through energy policy in his recent Utility Dive opinion piece, ‘States’ rights, states’ wrongs,’ his argument omits the important discussion of wrongs by Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs) and Independent System Operators (ISOs).”