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    The High Court’s Environmental Docket Continues to Make Waves

    July-August 2023

    The Supreme Court decided two cases in May that will have profound implications for environmental protection around the country, Sackett v. EPA and National Pork Producers Council v. Ross.

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    AG Actions Database

    Updated 6.1.23
    Launched 1.19.17

    This database tracks actions of regional and national significance taken by state AGs to advance clean energy, climate and environmental laws and policies since 2017. The database is updated on a monthly basis.

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    Reflections on FERC’s Environmental Justice Roundtable

    Organizations and individuals recently submitted comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) following its Roundtable on Environmental Justice and Equity in Infrastructure Permitting. This post discusses a few themes from some of the comments.

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    A Role for State Attorneys General in a Just Transition

    Resources Updated 5.25.23
    Report Published 12.1.22

    This report considers how state attorneys general (AGs) can help ensure that the shift to renewable energy supports communities and leads to good climate jobs. The report provides insight into the role of AGs, highlights recent AG enforcement of workers’ rights and environmental protection, and offers additional ideas for what state attorneys general can do in relation to a just transition.

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    Tracking Transmission Reform

    Updated 5.23.23
    Launched 10.29.21

    Transmission planning needs to change to support a clean, affordable, and equitable grid. Hear from state AGs on why transmission reform is a critical aspect of climate response, get background on how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is approaching its overhaul to the process, and stay up to date on how AGs are getting involved.

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    Pigs Fly! SCOTUS Upholds State Sovereignty in CA Pork Case

    Last week, SCOTUS upheld a California ballot initiative addressing animal cruelty in the pork industry against a dormant Commerce Clause challenge, affirming states’ authority to tackle far-reaching problems. The decision offers four key takeaways for states seeking to regulate complex environmental, energy, and climate issues that involve effects in other states.

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    Winds of Change: Developing a Domestic Supply Chain & Good Jobs in the Offshore Wind Sector

    The buzz around the nascent offshore wind sector is palpable, with huge amounts of untapped power, waiting to be unleashed. But the U.S. lacks a domestic offshore wind supply chain, and the anticipated job growth will need to be accompanied by strong labor parameters in place to ensure that these jobs will be good jobs.

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    A Call from Communities to Remove Barriers to Access EPA's EJ Grants

    A wave of community-based and resident-led organizations recently submitted comments calling for the removal of systemic barriers to participation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmental and Climate Justice Block Grant Program.

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    Expanding AG EJ Practice — A Resource

    Updated 4.18.23
    Launched 1.10.22

    This resource gives an overview of environmental justice and provides guidance for AG offices looking to set up or expand their work in the EJ practice area. It highlights influential moments in EJ history, provides a look into state mapping tools, identifies current federal and state EJ policies, and tracks EJ updates in the media.

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    Growing Calls for a More Just, Climate-Savvy Farm Bill

    There has been a flurry of climate justice advocacy in recent weeks—from social media posts to rallies at the capitol—around the Farm Bill. So what is the Farm Bill, what does it have to do with climate justice, and why does it matter right now?

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    Not an Afterthought: Remedies Receiving Their Day in Court

    May-June 2023

    There is news in the world of remedies for agencies that violate the law. These developments could have repercussions for any incoming president seeking to roll back the prior administration’s policies, as well as implication for parties seeking to avert environmental harms.

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    2021 and Beyond: Environment & Energy Cases Involving the Biden Administration

    Updated 4.7.23
    Launched 4.7.22

    This tracker col­lects court deci­sions on chal­lenges to fed­er­al actions relat­ed to ener­gy and the envi­ron­ment dur­ing the Biden admin­is­tra­tion. It will be updat­ed as new cases are brought and new deci­sions are released.