We reg­u­lar­ly pro­duce orig­i­nal research and analy­sis that high­light attor­ney gen­er­al work on clean ener­gy and the envi­ron­ment and pro­vide com­men­tary on impor­tant and time­ly top­ics in these areas of work.

  • Reports

    A Role for State Attorneys General in a Just Transition

    This report considers how state attorneys general can ensure that the shift to renewable energy supports communities and leads to good climate jobs. The report provides insight into the role of AGs, highlights recent AG enforcement of workers’ rights and environmental protection, and offers additional ideas for what AGs can do.

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    DOL Paves the Road Green for Retirement

    The Department of Labor has just released a finalized rule around its Investment Duties regulation in order to clarify how Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)-regulated fiduciaries can take into consideration climate and environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues.

  • Projects Solar panels, transmission towers, and smoke.

    Expanding AG EJ Practice — A Resource

    Updated 11.22.22
    Launched 1.10.22

    This resource gives an overview of environmental justice and provides guidance for AG offices looking to set up or expand their work in the EJ practice area. It highlights influential moments in EJ history, provides a look into state mapping tools, identifies current federal and state EJ policies, and tracks EJ updates in the media.

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    Get a GRIP on DOE Funding

    The acronym soup of federal laws that will turbocharge clean energy is ready for primetime. This week, we’ll take a look at the Infrastructure Law, signed last year (sometimes referred to as the BIL or the IIJA).

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    2022 AG Elections Results

    Tuesday, November 8 was election day, and AG elections in thirty-three states and territories were held. Here is a breakdown of the results. Last updated 11/14/2022.

  • Projects An illustration of a court house with four columns; the spaces between the three columns show, from left to right, water, land, and sky.

    2021 and Beyond: Environment & Energy Cases Involving the Biden Administration

    Updated 11.7.22
    Launched 4.7.22

    This tracker col­lects court deci­sions on chal­lenges to fed­er­al actions relat­ed to ener­gy and the envi­ron­ment dur­ing the Biden admin­is­tra­tion. It will be updat­ed as new cases are brought and new deci­sions are released.

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    Carving Out Funds for Clean Energy

    Hocus Pocus? Not in the IRA! The Inflation Reduction Act is designed to push money towards clean energy and clean transportation and to supercharge these issues at the state and local level. Here is a breakdown of some of its major goals along with the current status.

  • Articles The Environmental Forum - ELI logo

    A Dormant Threat to State Clean Energy, Public Health Programs

    November-December 2022 • This term, the Supreme Court is considering a case about the Dormant Commerce Clause—with the potential to curtail state powers to issue rules that favor a certain energy mix along with safety and health standards. How did we get here?

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    Tracking Pro-Environmental Federal Litigation by AGs

    Updated 10.19.22
    Launched 10.19.22

    This resource tracks pro-envi­ron­men­tal lit­i­ga­tion brought by AGs dur­ing the Biden and Trump admin­is­tra­tions, breaking down the wins & losses during each administration. The tracker will be updated as pending cases are resolved and new cases are brought.

  • Projects A transmission tower in front of an orange sky; a flock of birds flies past; a snippet of text from FERC's Building for the Future NOPR; the State Impact Center logo.

    Tracking Transmission Reform

    Updated 10.19.22
    Launched 10.29.21

    Transmission planning needs to change to support a clean, affordable, and equitable grid. Hear from state AGs on why transmission reform is a critical aspect of climate response, get background on how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is approaching its overhaul to the process, and stay up to date on how AGs are getting involved.

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    Take the Next Exit: Getting to Decarbonized, Equitable Transportation

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are going from zero to sixty due to changing consumer preferences, recent state policies, and federal legislation. With EV investment accelerating, it is time to consider what a just transition to a decarbonized transportation sector looks like.

  • Articles The Environmental Forum - ELI logo

    Agencies Can Avoid Major Questions Risks

    November-December 2022The decision in West Virginia v. EPA required the Supreme Court to take two analytical steps that pose threats to future environmental regulation—but they should not be insurmountable.