We regularly produce original research and analysis that highlight attorney general work on clean energy and the environment and provide commentary on important and timely topics in these areas of work.

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    Looking (at Climate Impacts) Before Leaping (to Expand a Pipeline)

    In two weeks, the D.C. Circuit will hear oral argument on a controversial natural gas pipeline project which is supposed to add 36 miles of new pipeline, as well as infrastructure, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Here is a rundown of the arguments before the court.

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    A Role for State Attorneys General in a Just Transition

    Updated February 28, 2024
    This report considers how state attorneys general (AGs) can help ensure that the shift to renewable energy supports communities and leads to good climate jobs. The report provides insight into the role of AGs, highlights recent AG enforcement of workers’ rights and environmental protection, and offers additional ideas for what state attorneys general can do in relation to a just transition.

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    AG Actions Database

    Updated February 15, 2024
    This database tracks actions of regional and national significance taken by state AGs to advance clean energy, climate and environmental laws and policies since 2017. The database is updated on a monthly basis.

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    Investor Transparency and Shareholder Opportunity Go Together Like E, S, and G

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices at corporations have been making headlines and fueling a vigorous debate along with new lawsuits. Two recent podcasts from Recharged with the State Impact Center highlight some of the emerging themes.

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    Tracking Transmission Reform

    Updated February 8, 2024

    Transmission planning needs to change to support a clean, affordable, and equitable grid. Hear from state AGs on why transmission reform is a critical aspect of climate response, get background on how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is approaching its overhaul to the process, and stay up to date on how AGs are getting involved.

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    Six More Weeks of...Smog? The Court’s Shadow Docket Takes on a Case About Ozone

    This Groundhog Day, there’s another shadow (docket) you need to keep your eye on. In a few weeks, the Supreme Court will consider a case about EPA’s recent rule regarding air pollution that crosses state borders. The impact of the new Court and its decision to hear oral argument on the shadow docket are both interesting features to watch in this case.

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    The Court Takes Up Cross-State Air Again—but on Shadow Docket

    “In the Courts” Column: The Supreme Court recently heard an argument in a case about EPA’s recent rule regarding air pollution that crosses state borders. Since the Court heard a similar case in the past decade, it will be interesting to see if the new lineup leads to a different result or whether the Court will stick to its own precedent.

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    Plastics Litigation Tracker

    Updated January 29, 2024

    The Plastics Litigation Tracker tracks cases addressing plastics across federal and state courts, including resolved and pending cases. The tracker will be updated as cases are resolved and new cases are filed.

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    Beware of the Plastics...and of the Companies Creating the Problem

    What do you think when you see trash in the river or on the side of the road? Do you think: I wish someone would clean that up? Now, New York State is working to give folks a new way to look at that trash.

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    Supporting State Commissions

    Launched December 1, 2023

    This nonpartisan project builds capacity at state public utility commissions by supporting relationships between current public utility commissioners and experienced former commissioners. The participating commissioners drive this flexible program, allowing them to focus on addressing their most pressing needs and challenges.

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    Year In Review: 2023 at the State Impact Center

    Take a look at what we accomplished this year at the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center! We reached a new milestone, served up a bunch of useful resources, shared our best staff recommendations, and gathered as a team for park clean-ups, outings, and more!

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    AGs Advancing State and National Environmental Protections: An Overview of Current Actions

    This resource is focused on AG involvement in litigation and regulatory matters advancing climate, environmental justice, environmental protection, and clean energy. It tracks the status of active cases and regulatory matters; describes AG engagement; and, where possible, flags what to expect as these matters progress.