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Are you interested in climate or environmental law? Or do you want to know whether you should be interested? This page is for you.

Center Events — Careers in Public Service

Past Events

The cover of a book entitled "Advice to Thrive By"

Advice to Thrive By - Book Talk

February 16, 2023

The Center hosted Portia Allen-Kyle, a civil rights attorney who wants to help law students and new attorneys interested in public interest lawyering with their professional development strategy, in a discussion of her book, Advice to Thrive By.

On the left, graduates through their caps into the air and hold diplomas. On the right, a bronze Lady Justice statue.

Environmental Career Paths: Panel & Networking at SULC

October 20, 2022

A panel discussion on careers in cli­mate, envi­ron­men­tal, and ener­gy law in the gov­ern­ment and pub­lic interest sectors, co-hosted with the South­ern Uni­ver­si­ty Law Cen­ter. Learn what a regular day’s work looks like, what the panelist’s paths to environmental law were, and what the pros and cons of working as an environmental lawyer are.

The title of the image reads "Building the Next Generation of Climate Advocates"; silhouettes of people sitting in a brightly lit room having a discussion; logos of the State Impact Center, Green 2.0, the American Constitution Society, The State Impact Center, and Climate Week NYC

Building the Next Generation of Climate Advocates

September 20, 2022

The State Impact Cen­ter, Howard Ener­gy and Envi­ron­men­tal Law Soci­ety, the Amer­i­can Con­sti­tu­tion Soci­ety, and Green 2.0 invite you to learn about careers in cli­mate, envi­ron­men­tal, and ener­gy law in the gov­ern­ment & pub­lic ser­vice sec­tor.

An illustration of a student's desk: a computer, a lamp, a pen holder, a calendar, a book. Two windows in the background.

Opportunities in Public Service: State AG Honors Programs & Fellowships

April 4, 2022

The State Impact Cen­ter and ACS host­ed a dis­cus­sion about hon­ors pro­grams and fel­low­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties in AG offices, with remarks by North Car­oli­na AG Josh Stein.

Logos of University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Detroit Mercy, Wayne State University, and the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center.

Exploring Environmental and Public Interest Careers at AG Offices

February 2, 2022

The State Impact Center and Michigan-area law schools co-hosted a discussion on environmental & public interest career opportunities in the offices of state AGs.

The front of the U.S. Capitol building, shot from the street from a mid-range distance; a bright blue cloudless sky in the background.

Building Power in the Public Sector: DEI and Anti-Racism at Environmental Jobs in Government

November 1, 2021

The Center, Green 2.0, & the New York City Bar hosted a discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion work at government agencies that focus on environmental law.

Logos of the Public Interest Law Center at NYU and the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center

Public Interest Law Center & State Energy Environmental Impact Center Panel

October 19, 2021

Public Interest Law Center and the State Impact Center brought together alumni in environmental careers at national advocacy organizations and government agencies.

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Hear from Students

Blue and green icons of recycling symbols, a trash can, and a person throwing something a way

What’s in a Label? The FTC Green Guides in Context

Connor Fraser | February 24, 2023

This brief explains what the FTC’s “Green Guides” contain, how the FTC plans to reevaluate them, the interplay between the Guides and state consumer protection laws, and how this interplay affects regulation of “recyclable” labels.

Our Student Blog Series collects insights from law student interns on various topics:

Line art of items such as trash cans, recycling bins, trash bags, tin cans, boxes, and a recycling symbol. The lines are black, and the recycling symbol is filled in with green.

Reduce, Reuse, and Reinvigorate the FTC’s Green Guides

Connor Fraser | September 6, 2022

The FTC’s Green Guides should, but often don’t, guide when and how marketers can tell consumers that their products are recyclable, and they are finally being reviewed after a decade without updates.

A posterized black, white, grey, and gold graphic showing the letters "SEQRA" stylized as subway line icons in the foreground, text from SEQRA in the midground, and a taxi driving under a tall overpass backed by a yellow sky in the background.

EJ Issue to Watch: Governor Hochul Sitting on Passed Cumulative Impact Analysis Bill

Tatiana Zapata | September 6, 2022

The passage of New York’s cumulative impacts analysis bill by the state legislature in April 2022 was heralded by environmental justice groups as groundbreaking.

A posterized black, white, grey, and gold graphic showing text describing AG actions in the foreground, an outline of a U.S. state map in the midground, and the U.S. Capitol building in the background.

How the Biden Administration is Shaping State AG Enforcement Efforts

Georgia Rock | August 19, 2022

Eighteen months into Biden’s presidency, it is clear that there has been a significant shift within environmental work by state attorneys general.

A posterized black, white, grey, and gold graphic showing a row of Bitcoin stacks arranged from shortest to tallest in the foreground, text in the midground, and smokestacks in the background

Can Crypto Mining Ever Go Green?

Julien Blanchard | August 12, 2022

With our climate in crisis and that future at risk, crypto-billionaires and climate activists alike need to find common ground in sustainable, renewable-fueled crypto.

A posterized black, white, tan, and yellow graphic showing text relating to CAFO enforcement actions in the foreground and a long row of cattle feeding on straw in the background.

Something’s in the Water: Litigation and Community Action Against Polluting Industrial Farms

Fatima Elhafiz Ibrahiem | August 5, 2022

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are disproportionately placed in EJ communities.

A posterized black, white, grey, and gold graphic showing a pile of debris in the foreground, an map of Florida made of many small white hexagons in the midground, and an alligator swimming through water in the background.

Environmental Justice in the Sunshine State

Samantha Blend | July 29, 2022

The state of Florida has a wide range of pressing environmental challenges that disproportionately affect underserved communities.

A posterized black, white, grey, and gold graphic showing rows and rows of plastic water bottles in the foreground, an text relating to plastics litigation in the midground, and a courthouse in the background.

Plastics in the Courtroom: The Evolution of Plastics Litigation

Connor Fraser | July 15, 2022

This post introduces the State Impact Center and Guarini’s new Plastics Litigation Tracker and discusses four major trends evident in plastics litigation thus far.

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Student Listserv

The State Impact Center Forum: Student Opportunities in Government & Environment group is for law students interested in environmental and public interest careers and opportunities, with a focus on government jobs. Expect to receive emails about events, jobs, internship postings, and more.

Other Resources

A headshot of Bethany Davis Noll

Alum Takes Surprising Path From Russian to Environmental Law

Bethany Davis Noll, JD ’05, still remembers the hike and barbecue at Meg Caldwell’s home during the beginning of her 1L year. This event and her later experience with the Environmental Law Clinic cemented Davis Noll’s strong interest in environmental law.

“I once heard this advice and I think it is so good: your grades are how you get your job, but legal writing is how you keep your job. My advice is to spend the time you need to on your classes; don’t let yourself get pulled in too many other directions so that you can get the grades you want. Legal writing is the most important skill you need for the day-to-day life of a lawyer. Take advantage of every opportunity to practice and hone that skill.” —Bethany Davis Noll

Career Opportunities

With the Center

The State Impact Center regularly works with law student summer interns and research assistants. Current opportunities at the Center can be found through our Work With Us page, by following our LinkedIn page, or contacting us to learn about opportunities for students.

With AG Offices

The American Constitution Society has created a great resource for anyone interested in working with a state AG, check it out!