Recharged with the State Impact Center

Our podcast, Recharged is designed to highlight emerging issues related to state action on climate, the environment, energy, and environmental justice, as well as issues in building the profession. Tune in today.

  • Podcast "The Art of Storytelling" with Neel Dhanesha and Tik Root

    The Art of Storytelling with Journalists Neel Dhanesha and Tik Root

    We speak with science and climate journalists Neel Dhanesha and Tik Root about how storytelling shapes the way we learn. We take a look at how stories can be used to captivate an audience and convey a message effectively, and we also discuss how storytelling can be used in any field, including law.

  • Podcast *What is a State AG? Series*
"Supporting Environmental Justice at State AG Offices" with Matthew J. Platkin

    Supporting Environmental Justice at State AG Offices: A Conversation with New Jersey AG Matthew J. Platkin

    What is a State AG? Series | We speak with New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin about his role as New Jersey’s chief law enforcement officer, his career path, and the environmental justice work his office is doing throughout the state.

  • Podcast "Exploring ESG" with AG Keith Ellison and David Glasgow

    Exploring ESG: A Conversation with Minnesota AG Keith Ellison and David Glasgow

    We speak with Minnesota AG Keith Ellison and David Glasgow, Executive Director of the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at NYU about ESG, how it connects with DEI, and how communities and advocates can be affected by practices and pushback related to ESG and DEI.

  • Podcast *What is a State AG? Series*
"A Focus on New Mexico's New Attorney General" with Raul Torrez

    A Focus on New Mexico’s New Attorney General Raúl Torrez

    What is a State AG? Series | To kick off our new series that will help us answer the question: What is a State AG?, we invited New Mexico’s 32nd State Attorney General, Raúl Torrez to speak with our Executive Director, Bethany Davis Noll to talk about his background, his advice for people interested in public service, and his priorities.

  • Podcast "Environmental, and Social, and Governance...Oh My!" with Brian Frosh

    Environmental, and Social, and Governance...Oh My!

    We take a closer look into the acronym ESG, short for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Our Executive Director Bethany Davis Noll is joined by former Maryland AG Brian Frosh to discuss how necessary ESG is for the financial wellbeing of our communities.

  • Podcast "Advice to Thrive By" with Portia Allen Kyle

    Advice to Thrive By

    A conversation with Portia Allen-Kyle, a civil rights attorney and public policy expert, on her new book Advice to Thrive By: How to Use Your Résumé and Cover Letter to Build Your Brand and Launch a Dynamic Public Interest Career.