Insights by Brian Frosh (Distinguished Senior Counsel)

Brian Frosh served as Maryland’s 46th Attorney General from 2015 to 2023. During his two terms AG, Brian Frosh worked to ensure fairness, equality and justice for all Marylanders. Prior to being elected AG, he had been an attorney in private practice since 1976.

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    Anti-ESG Laws Cost States and Cities Billions

    “In the face of fires, record heat, floods and other extreme weather events across the country, House Republicans are using much of July to oppose financial transparency related to climate risks and to attack investor freedoms. Their reckless course endangers not just the planet but also the financial stability of Americans’ retirement savings and pensions.”

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    EPA should follow Maryland’s lead and strengthen landfill standards

    “Landfills stink. Worse, they emit hazardous air pollutants, precursors to ozone and particulate matter, and methane — a super-potent greenhouse gas with about 80 times the near-term warming power of carbon dioxide. Progress in Maryland and other states shows landfill methane reductions are possible to achieve at low cost and right away.”