#StateImpactAlert Makes Participating in Rulemaking Easy

A comic-book looking illustration of the white house with a giant retweet symbol behind it, and the words #StateImpactAlert.

The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center’s new report, The Proof is in the Policies — 2021 Wins, offers an overview of how the federal government and courts moved forward on clean energy, climate, and the environment this year, and how AG involvement contributed to these advancements. Another way to get a snapshot of progress in this area is by looking at the Center’s #StateImpactAlerts throughout 2021.

In January, the Center began using the hashtag #StateImpactAlert to flag the latest significant climate, energy, and environmental actions at various federal agencies, as well as new comment deadlines associated with them. In 2021, the Center tweeted nearly 70 alerts flagging actions from 15 different agencies.

#StateImpactAlert alerts will save you from having to comb through the Federal Register to stay up to date. The alerts include a brief description of the action, the agency or agencies behind it, the deadline for comments, the date of public meetings (if applicable), and the link to the proceeding. Occasionally, a longer thread offering background on the rule and an explanation of its history is also included.

Here are the agencies covered so far in this year’s #StateImpactAlert.

The alerts primarily walked us through the early stages of agency actions, such as requests for information, advanced notices of proposed rulemaking, and notices of intent. There were also a good number of proposals, many of which have been finalized now.

Next year, as agencies issue more proposed rules and incorporate comments, expect to see many more actions move out of the planning stage and closer to being finalized. When that happens, keep an eye out for new alerts with additional comment deadlines, or the rule’s publication date and start dates.

To stay current on actions from these agencies and more, follow us on Twitter and enable notifications so that no time is wasted in getting involved on these critical issues. And don’t forget to read our new report, The Proof is in the Policies — 2021 Wins.

The Proof is in the Policies — 2021 Wins