We regularly produce original research and analysis that highlight attorney general work on clean energy and the environment and provide commentary on important and timely topics in these areas of work.

  • Op-Eds Tree tops poke through a low fog.

    Trump Is Aggressively Pushing His Anti-Environment Agenda Amid a Pandemic. It’s Inexcusable.

    “The coronavirus pandemic has virtually shut down the U.S. economy. The lights remain on, however, at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department, where the Trump administration is working to push through its radical reordering of our nation’s environmental and conservation priorities — pandemic or no.”

  • Blog A graph with x-axis as the global temperature, and y-axis as time. Without climate protective measures global temperatures will spike in a short time but with climate protective measures the curve can stay below 2 degrees Celsius increase.

    Flatten the (Climate) Curve

    COVID-19 is teaching us an important lesson about “flattening the curve” and this teaching also applies to the climate crisis.

  • Projects A transmission tower in front of a blue sky

    Guidance for States on Potential Steps to Opt Out of PJM’s Capacity Market

    Assisting state attorneys general in evaluating whether and how to opt out of PJM’s capacity market in response to FERC’s recent decision that penalizes state-supported clean energy resources.

  • Blog An illustration of lungs overlaid on clouds of smog

    Our Health

    We usually take our health for granted. No more. The COVID-19 pandemic presents an acute health risk that is upending our country, and our world.

  • Blog mountains and wind turbines in the background and lightbulb in the front

    Energy & Culture Wars

    The administration is fomenting another culture war. The president has ridiculed the phase-out of incandescent light bulbs, claiming that their replacements give off bad light. Wind turbines cause cancer and toilets now require multiple flushes (really?).

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    Reducing Corporate Environmental Accountability, Whether Industry Wants it or Not

    Everyone is aware that the Trump administration has been rolling back scores of environmental and climate regulatory requirements. What’s less apparent is how the rollbacks fit into a broader administration strategy to reduce industry accountability for environmental damage.

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    Erring on the side of trampling on states' rights

    “State clean energy policies. State water quality certifications. Pipeline construction on state land. Lately, when given the choice between co-existing with state authorities — as contemplated by the longstanding cooperative federalism surrounding environmental and energy regulation — and simply steamrolling those authorities, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has consistently pursued the latter.”

  • Blog areal view of a water body with text from EPA overlayed

    Ideology Trumps Science in Clean Water Rollback

    The administration has issued a new rule that ends Clean Water Act protection for large portions of our nation’s wetlands, lakes and tributaries. Internal government documents estimate that more than half of our wetlands will lose protection under the rollback.

  • Blog A black pipeline with a crimson "Flammable" cautionary sign overlaid

    The Trump Administration's Deregulation Agenda is Putting Americans at Risk

    In the corporate world, “EHS” — “environment, health & safety” — is a serious concern. Any company worth its salt pays attention to EHS issues because workers, customers and neighbors can be negatively impacted by a company’s poor EHS performance.

  • Blog Legal text laid over an image of a forest filled with pine trees, and a mountain in the background.

    Cutting the Heart out of NEPA

    In the administration’s latest effort to do a NEPA work-around, the it is proposing revisions to long-standing NEPA regulations.

  • Blog An oil rig, power plant, and cars blended together into one image

    The Climate Travesty Unfolding Before Our Eyes

    Even though the path to achieve emissions reductions from industries is clear, and despite the Clean Air Act’s requirement that EPA reduce those emissions, EPA is moving in the opposite direction

  • Blog Christmas stockings hanging from a mantel

    Coal in Your Stockings

    The holidays are arriving soon. Look for some proverbial lumps of coal in your stockings from the Trump administration.