We regularly produce original research and analysis that highlight attorney general work on clean energy and the environment and provide commentary on important and timely topics in these areas of work.

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    The Energy & Environmental Stakes in 2019 Couldn’t be Higher

    Over the past two years, rather than advocating specific (de)regulatory actions, the EPA, Interior Department and Justice Department have focused primarily on delaying or otherwise avoiding enforcement of existing requirements. Thanks to excellent work by state attorneys general and other advocates, these procedural efforts have been mostly unsuccessful

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    Climate Change and the Law

    The Trump administration is trying hard to ignore the reality of climate change and avoid accepting responsibility to address the risks that it poses to public health and the environment. Our environmental laws, however, don’t let the administration off the hook.

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    Three Takeaways from the Fourth National Climate Assessment

    The federal government’s release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment was big energy and environmental news, despite being released on the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving

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    State AGs Must Win the Fight on Cars and Coal

    The Trump Administration is blatantly choosing not to control our nation’s largest sources of climate and conventional pollution, at the cost of American lives and the health of the planet.

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    EPA's Rollback Timeline: A Review of the Fall 2018 Unified Agenda

    Last week, the Trump administration released its Fall 2018 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions. The regulatory agenda, released each spring and fall, primarily lays out the actions that administrative agencies plan to issue over the next year.

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    EPA's PFAS Gap Compels States to Act

    Even with growing public pressure and bipartisan support for PFAS regulation, EPA’s regulatory road to establishing it as a chemical harmful to human health could take years. In the meantime, states will be left to defend and protect their residents from this emerging threat.

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    Attorneys General Are Fighting EPA's Pesticide Protection Rollbacks

    Pesticides are an integral part of the U.S. agriculture system but science-based policies and oversight of these potentially dangerous chemicals is necessary to reduce the risk of poisoning workers, their families, and consumers

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    EPA Rollbacks Risk More Climate Change-Fueled Disasters Like Arkema

    Only days after EPA proposed to roll back regulations focused on chemical plant accident prevention, CSB issued a report on the 2017 Arkema chemical plant fire, blaming deficient emergency planning for the disaster and resulting injuries to nearby residents and responders

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    State Attorneys General: 13 Months of Critical Actions

    State attorneys general have focused their at least 80 actions – from letters and comments to complaints and amicus briefs on areas ranging such as air and water pollution, toxics, clean energy, climate impacts, federal lands, regulatory reform, and more.