Press Release

The Proof Is In The Policies — 2021 Wins

The Center has published a new report showcasing victories by state attorneys general in 2021.

New York, NY — Over the past year many different coalitions of state attorneys general (AGs) have been hard at work fighting to protect our climate, air, environment, and communities. To highlight the policy gains of this year, the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center is releasing a new report documenting the work of AGs on these issues along with the federal policy changes that are being made in response.

What: The Proof is in the Policies documents regulatory changes and court decisions across eight environmental and climate issue areas drawn from the data in the Center’s AG Actions Database. The report also provides the results of court actions that AGs were involved in during the Trump administration in an appendix.

When: Thursday, December 16, 2021

Where: The report is available as a PDF here and through our website.

Why: This report highlights the role AGs have played in bringing about the many legal and regulatory changes that are happening on the federal front, benefitting the public interest. The actions compiled in this report show the collaboration and perseverance of AGs towards advancing climate, energy, and environmental policies, after spending four years holding the line to protect human health and the environment. The report also shows how critical the AGs’ work has been even in the context of a federal administration that is interested in stronger environmental and climate protections.

State Attorneys General Comment:

“As attorneys general, it’s our job to be on the front line – combatting the climate crisis, protecting our environment, and advancing environmental justice. During the Trump Administration, we worked together to stand up against efforts to gut critical environmental laws. Now, our job is to make sure that we restore these vital protections and protect our most vulnerable communities. We look forward to continuing to work with the Biden Administration to advance our clean energy economy and to preserve the environment for our people and for future generations.”

– Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

“With a remarkable 83 percent win-rate over the Trump administration’s harmful and dangerous policies against public health and the environment, attorneys general across the country are on the frontlines protecting our communities. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we consume and more, we have been unwavering in our fight to protect and strengthen our nation’s health, safety, and environmental laws. I remain committed to working with my colleagues throughout the nation to support the safety and wellbeing of all our communities.”

– New York Attorney General Letitia James


About the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center:
The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at NYU School of Law is a nonpartisan academic center at NYU School of Law. The Center is dedicated to working towards a healthy and safe environment, guided by inclusive and equitable principles. The Center studies and supports the work of state attorneys general (AGs) in defending, enforcing, and promoting strong laws and policies in the areas of climate, environmental justice, environmental protection, and clean energy.