Press Release

The Proof Is In The Policies — 2021 Wins

The Center has published a new report showcasing victories by state attorneys general in 2021.

New York, NY — Over the past year many dif­fer­ent coali­tions of state attor­neys gen­er­al (AGs) have been hard at work fight­ing to pro­tect our cli­mate, air, envi­ron­ment, and com­mu­ni­ties. To high­light the pol­i­cy gains of this year, the State Ener­gy & Envi­ron­men­tal Impact Cen­ter is releas­ing a new report doc­u­ment­ing the work of AGs on these issues along with the fed­er­al pol­i­cy changes that are being made in response.

What: The Proof is in the Poli­cies doc­u­ments reg­u­la­to­ry changes and court deci­sions across eight envi­ron­men­tal and cli­mate issue areas drawn from the data in the Center’s AG Actions Data­base. The report also pro­vides the results of court actions that AGs were involved in dur­ing the Trump admin­is­tra­tion in an appen­dix.

When: Thurs­day, Decem­ber 16, 2021

Where: The report is avail­able as a PDF here and through our web­site.

Why: This report high­lights the role AGs have played in bring­ing about the many legal and reg­u­la­to­ry changes that are hap­pen­ing on the fed­er­al front, ben­e­fit­ting the pub­lic inter­est. The actions com­piled in this report show the col­lab­o­ra­tion and per­se­ver­ance of AGs towards advanc­ing cli­mate, ener­gy, and envi­ron­men­tal poli­cies, after spend­ing four years hold­ing the line to pro­tect human health and the envi­ron­ment. The report also shows how crit­i­cal the AGs’ work has been even in the con­text of a fed­er­al admin­is­tra­tion that is inter­est­ed in stronger envi­ron­men­tal and cli­mate protections.

State Attor­neys Gen­er­al Comment:

As attor­neys gen­er­al, it’s our job to be on the front line – com­bat­ting the cli­mate cri­sis, pro­tect­ing our envi­ron­ment, and advanc­ing envi­ron­men­tal jus­tice. Dur­ing the Trump Admin­is­tra­tion, we worked togeth­er to stand up against efforts to gut crit­i­cal envi­ron­men­tal laws. Now, our job is to make sure that we restore these vital pro­tec­tions and pro­tect our most vul­ner­a­ble com­mu­ni­ties. We look for­ward to con­tin­u­ing to work with the Biden Admin­is­tra­tion to advance our clean ener­gy econ­o­my and to pre­serve the envi­ron­ment for our peo­ple and for future generations.”

– Mass­a­chu­setts Attor­ney Gen­er­al Mau­ra Healey

With a remark­able 83 per­cent win-rate over the Trump administration’s harm­ful and dan­ger­ous poli­cies against pub­lic health and the envi­ron­ment, attor­neys gen­er­al across the coun­try are on the front­lines pro­tect­ing our com­mu­ni­ties. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we con­sume and more, we have been unwa­ver­ing in our fight to pro­tect and strength­en our nation’s health, safe­ty, and envi­ron­men­tal laws. I remain com­mit­ted to work­ing with my col­leagues through­out the nation to sup­port the safe­ty and well­be­ing of all our communities.”

– New York Attor­ney Gen­er­al Leti­tia James


For more infor­ma­tion on the report, please reach out to the Center’s Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Man­ag­er, Car­los Minaya Arnao.

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