Supreme Court and the States: A Focus on Administrative and Environmental Law in the Prior Term and Trends to Come

The Supreme Court building during the day; a blue sky in the background.
  • Monday, September 13, 2021
  • Online Event

Much of mod­ern admin­is­tra­tive and envi­ron­men­tal law rests on long­stand­ing prece­dent out of the Supreme Court. States have long relied on these doc­trines to pro­tect their rights. Now with changes in both the pres­i­den­cy and the Court, much hangs in the bal­ance. This con­ver­sa­tion between Solic­i­tors Gen­er­al cov­ered last term’s cas­es and the upcom­ing ones on the Court’s dock­et, and the poten­tial impact that the cas­es could have on states. This pro­gram was co-host­ed by the State Ener­gy & Envi­ron­men­tal Impact Cen­ter and the State and Local Legal Center.


Benjamin Gutman

Ben­jamin Gutman

Solic­i­tor Gen­er­al, Ore­gon Attor­ney General

Mithun Mansinghani

Mithun Mans­ing­hani

Solic­i­tor Gen­er­al, Okla­homa Attor­ney General

Lindsay See

Lind­say See

Solic­i­tor Gen­er­al, West Vir­ginia Attor­ney General

Steven Wu

Steven Wu

Chief of Appeals, Man­hat­tan Dis­trict Attor­ney’s Office; For­mer Deputy Solic­i­tor Gen­er­al, New York Attor­ney General

Kirti Datla

Kir­ti Datla


Direc­tor of Strate­gic Legal Advo­ca­cy, Earthjustice