Offshore wind farm.

Offshore Wind Projects

State attor­neys gen­er­al are address­ing ener­gy infra­struc­ture projects and needs in their states and regions, includ­ing advo­cat­ing for the inter­ests of com­mu­ni­ties that would be affect­ed by off­shore wind projects. 

Advo­ca­cy in the States



  • Decem­ber 2017

    In Decem­ber 2017, Vine­yard Wind LLC pro­posed to con­struct, oper­ate, main­tain, and even­tu­al­ly decom­mis­sion an 800-megawatt wind ener­gy facil­i­ty off the coast of Mass­a­chu­setts. In Decem­ber 2018, the Bureau of Ocean Ener­gy Man­age­ment (BOEM) pre­pared a draft Envi­ron­men­tal Impact State­ment (DEIS) for the project. In accor­dance with BOEM’s time­line for the project, the Record of Deci­sion (ROD) was expect­ed to be issued by July 19, 2019, with the final fed­er­al per­mits required to begin con­struc­tion of the project to be issued with­in 90 days. 

  • 2019

    In 2019, how­ev­er, BOEM announced that the ROD would be delayed while it pre­pared a sup­ple­men­tal Envi­ron­men­tal Impact State­ment (SEIS). In the SEIS, BOEM expand­ed the DEIS’s analy­sis to eval­u­ate cumu­la­tive impacts of the project and oth­er rea­son­ably fore­see­able off­shore wind ener­gy facil­i­ty projects in the Atlantic Out­er Con­ti­nen­tal Shelf area, fore­cast­ing 22,000 megawatts of wind devel­op­ment along the East Coast.

  • July 2020

    In July 2020, Mass­a­chu­setts Attor­ney Gen­er­al Mau­ra Healey sub­mit­ted com­ments on the SEIS urg­ing BOEM to approve the project, move for­ward expe­di­tious­ly, and main­tain cur­rent project time­lines. In the com­ments, Attor­ney Gen­er­al Healey point­ed out that the SEIS will help facil­i­tate and ben­e­fit NEPA review for sub­se­quent wind ener­gy facil­i­ty projects, includ­ing those in devel­op­ment in Mass­a­chu­setts and New Eng­land. She also high­light­ed the project’s impor­tance for Mass­a­chu­setts to meet its green­house gas emis­sions reduc­tion goals and to expand the state’s renew­able ener­gy portfolio.

  • Decem­ber 2020

    In Decem­ber 2020, Vine­yard Wind announced that it had select­ed a pre­ferred sup­pli­er of wind tur­bine gen­er­a­tors and would tem­porar­i­ly with­draw from the ongo­ing BOEM review, so that it could com­plete a tech­ni­cal review of the indus­try-lead­ing wind tur­bine gen­er­a­tors it would now be using in the project. Two weeks lat­er, BOEM pub­lished a notice in the Fed­er­al Reg­is­ter stat­ing that due to the tem­po­rary with­draw­al the EIS is no longer nec­es­sary and the process is here­by ter­mi­nat­ed,” plac­ing the future of the project in jeopardy.