Insights by Christine Billy (Senior Legal Fellow)

Christine Billy (she, her) has devoted her career to developing and implementing policies for a sustainable and equitable future. She is an adjunct professor of clinical law at NYU School of Law with over a decade of law and policy experience in climate and environmental law, food law, labor and employment law, human rights law, and local and state authority.

  • Blog An illustration of a pork cut diagram, but the lines are actually U.S. state borders; the text of the Supreme Court decision in National Pork Producers Council v. Ross fills the background.

    Pigs Fly! SCOTUS Upholds State Sovereignty in CA Pork Case

    Last week, SCOTUS upheld a California ballot initiative addressing animal cruelty in the pork industry against a dormant Commerce Clause challenge, affirming states’ authority to tackle far-reaching problems. The decision offers four key takeaways for states seeking to regulate complex environmental, energy, and climate issues that involve effects in other states.