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    Climate Progress at Climate Week

    Happy Climate Week! This Climate Week, it is a great time to look at the many proceedings that state attorneys general have been active in this year.

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    The Climate Moment

    August is usually a slow month on Capitol Hill, but that was not the case this summer. Both houses gave up parts of their recess to set up a potentially historic moment for climate action later this fall.

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    Going with the Flow Doesn't Cut It Anymore

    The “Kafkaesque regime” that was natural gas pipeline approvals at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is facing more pushback.

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    When a Window Unit Isn't Cool Enough

    As heat waves swept across the country, it is a good time to look at the benefits of heat pumps for cooling and to reduce reliance on traditional oil and gas heating in the colder months.

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    A Supreme Court Roundup on States and Environmental Law

    As the Supreme Court wraps up its term, read this roundup of decisions involving states and the crucial issues that affect the nation’s grid and infrastructure as it grapples with a changing climate.

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    Getting to a Cleaner Grid

    The wonky world of electricity markets has a real impact on how quickly decarbonization can occur (plus at what cost). Much work remains in the world of electricity markets. In this week’s commentary, we’ll break all this down.

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    AGs & Environmental Justice

    State attorneys general are moving aggressively to ensure that environmental justice concerns are central to their environmental enforcement work.

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    A Whirlwind of Activity at Interior

    On many fronts, the Interior Department is preparing the path forward to a clean energy future and unwinding harmful rules and decisions of the Trump era.

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    Shifting Gears, Driving Progress

    The Biden administration is taking significant steps to address the climate impact of the transportation sector, including reversing the Trump administration's move that lowered the stringency of the federal greenhouse gas emissions standards.

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    Building Power in the Environmental Movement

    Green 2.0 Blog — The environmental law field has been slow to diversify and there is widespread agreement that diversity is critical to providing high quality work that has a deep and lasting impact, so we set about to explore the best strategies for proactively addressing the disparity.

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    Follow the Leaders

    The State Impact Center convened a group of state AGs and a representative of the administration to discuss the path forward on climate action; hear what they had to say, and learn more about our latest report.

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    Bold Ambitions, Strong Foundations

    Infrastructure week has finally arrived. If passed, President Biden's American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion effort to simultaneously invest in the country’s infrastructure and combat climate change would be one of the largest domestic investments in the country since World War II.