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    A New Year, (Waiting on) a New FERC

    The end of 2022 was a tumultuous time at FERC with then-Chairman Richard Glick not getting reconfirmed for another term. The usually-five-member commission now has 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans, its acting chair has limited staffing, and this could go on for several months until the vacancy is filled and a new chair nominated. Read to see what this limbo at FERC means for the clean energy transition.

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    Year In Review: 2022 at the State Impact Center

    Take a look back at 2022 at the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center.

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    Get a GRIP on DOE Funding

    The acronym soup of federal laws that will turbocharge clean energy is ready for primetime. This week, we’ll take a look at the Infrastructure Law, signed last year (sometimes referred to as the BIL or the IIJA).

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    2022 AG Elections Results

    Tuesday, November 8 was election day, and AG elections in thirty-three states and territories were held. Here is a breakdown of the results. Last updated 1/5/2023.

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    Carving Out Funds for Clean Energy

    Hocus Pocus? Not in the IRA! The Inflation Reduction Act is designed to push money towards clean energy and clean transportation and to supercharge these issues at the state and local level. Here is a breakdown of some of its major goals along with the current status.

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    Take the Next Exit: Getting to Decarbonized, Equitable Transportation

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are going from zero to sixty due to changing consumer preferences, recent state policies, and federal legislation. With EV investment accelerating, it is time to consider what a just transition to a decarbonized transportation sector looks like.

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    WOTUS, SCOTUS, and Pigs, Oh My!

    The Supreme Court is starting up its new term next week. What is on its environmental docket, you ask? Could it be bigger than last year? Quite possibly!

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    EJ Statutes Grow at the State Level

    Several states have started to address the disproportionate and inequitable effects that their low-income and minority communities have long faced through new statutes that impose permitting limits or enshrine additional environmental review requirements.

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    EJ Issue to Watch: Governor Hochul Sitting on Passed Cumulative Impact Analysis Bill

    Student Blog Series

    The passage of New York’s cumulative impacts analysis bill by the state legislature in April 2022 was heralded by environmental justice groups as groundbreaking. If Governor Hochul signs the bill, New York can pave the way toward environmental equity in the state.

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    How the Biden Administration is Shaping State AG Enforcement Efforts

    Student Blog Series
    Eighteen months into Biden’s presidency, it is clear that there has been a significant shift within environmental work by state attorneys general.

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    Can Crypto Mining Ever Go Green?

    Student Blog Series

    Even as the crypto market fluctuates dramatically, it seems the industry is here to stay. This begs the question: now what? With our climate in crisis and that future at risk, crypto-billionaires and climate activists alike need to find common ground in sustainable, renewable-fueled crypto.

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    It's Gettin' Hot in Here: Extreme Heat and Urban Heat Islands

    Heat islands create a multitude of issues, such as health problems, increased energy consumption and related costs, and various ecological issues. Many are working on solutions to this growing concern.