Pro-Environment Federal Litigation by AGs

This track­er was launched Octo­ber 19, 2022. It was last updat­ed Octo­ber 192022

This resource tracks pro-envi­ron­men­tal lit­i­ga­tion brought by AGs dur­ing the Biden and Trump admin­is­tra­tions. This includes cas­es in which AGs fought against the admin­is­tra­tion, as well as cas­es in which AGs defend­ed the admin­is­tra­tion’s pro-envi­ron­men­tal poli­cies. Thus, the wins” and loss­es” dis­played on the chart below do not nec­es­sar­i­ly cor­re­spond with AG win/​loss rates against an admin­is­tra­tion. To see that break­down, use the AG Posi­tion” fil­ter. Click on each entry to see an expla­na­tion of the out­come. You can also fil­ter by admin­is­tra­tion and by out­come. The charts below do not include pend­ing cases. 

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Administration: Biden Administration, Trump Administration

AG Win Rate for the Environment at the Federal Level

Trump Administration 1

Note: This page dis­plays a sub­set of the entries in our AG Actions Data­base. Only entries that are tagged with Lit­i­ga­tion” as their action type and have Trump or Biden list­ed as the admin­is­tra­tion are includ­ed here. To see all entries, vis­it our AG Actions Data­base, which includes all AG actions relat­ing to cli­mate, envi­ron­ment, and clean ener­gy from 2017 to the present. 

  1. Partial wins are counted here as wins.