Three AGs Fought to Halt Expansion of GTN Pipeline

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson led a coalition of three states in filing a motion to intervene and request that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) deny the proposed capacity expansion of the the Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) Xpress pipeline. The AGs argued that the expansion is against the public interest as three of the four states to be served by the proposal are quickly transitioning off fossil fuels and require reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, not increases which would come from this expanded capacity. The AGs also submitted comments to FERC outlining these and other shortcomings of the draft environmental impact statement for the proposal.

After GTN responded to the AGs’ initial filings, the states filed a September 21 reply brief reinforcing the points made in their initial motion and rebutting GTN’s claims.

In October 2023, FERC issued a decision allowing the expansion of the pipeline capacity. California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued the following statement: “I’m deeply disappointed with FERC’s decision. When we expand gas infrastructure, it’s all too often minority, low-income, and Indigenous communities that pay the price. Day after day, we’re seeing the effects of climate change. I vow to continue fighting to protect our environment.”