New York AG Filed Lawsuit against PepsiCo for Role in Plastics Crisis in Buffalo

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo Inc. for endangering public health and the environment in Buffalo by failing to warn consumers about the risks of the company’s single-use plastics and by misleading the public about its efforts to address widespread plastic pollution. A study by the AG’s office found that PepsiCo contributed more significantly to plastic pollution in and along the Buffalo River than any other brand, endangering wildlife and putting public health at risk by contaminating food and water sources with microplastics. These results were consistent with studies done by other groups. In addition to a public nuisance claim, the lawsuit also argued that PepsiCo misled consumers and the public by failing to warn about the dangers of their product and making false claims about the steps the company was taking to minimize and address the harms of plastic. The lawsuit seeks disgorgement, civil penalties, and restitution, as well as an end to the company’s practices that endanger public health and the environment.