Michigan AG Saved Ratepayers over $250 Million through Advocacy in DTE Electric Rate Case

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced that the Michigan Public Service Commission only approved 60% of the rate increase requested by DTE Electric after AG Nessel advocated for a lower rate increase. In response, AG Nessel issued the following statement:

“When this case was filed, I noted that it was the largest requested increase my office has ever seen and that my team would review it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure customer interests are protected. That is exactly what we did, and today’s Commission order validates the extensive work my office did in an attempt to limit any rate increase to reflect reasonable expenditures.

“While I am pleased the Commission limited the increase, I recognize that $368 million is still a tremendous rate increase and is too high for many ratepayers especially right before the holidays. I will remain a vocal proponent for the interests of utility customers and urge the Legislature to pass measures compelling DTE to demonstrate this money is being utilized to ensure more reliable service and not to enrich its shareholders.

“In this case, I also requested that the Commission adopt strong metrics and benchmarks to hold DTE accountable for poor electric reliability. I am disappointed that this was not adopted, and I hope the Commission adopts these metrics in its currently pending workgroup. Failing that, I hope the Legislature will intervene and adopt these metrics through the legislative process.”