Michigan AG Proposed Mechanism for Reducing Power Outages

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel submitted comments to the Michigan Public Service Commission proposing a mechanism to address power outages in the state. After ratepayer complaints about outages increased, the MPSC opened a docket to explore ways to address frequent outages, including through the use of financial incentives. AG Nessel’s comments provided feedback of this proposal. The comments also proposed a different mechanism to reduce outages, called the Service Improvement Incentive Mechanism, which the AG’s office “designed to be straightforward, implemented quickly, and built upon and improved as more data is collected.” In a statement, AG Nessel said: “We’ve invested an incredible amount of time, alongside our experts, in developing the Service Improvement Incentive Mechanism and it’s time the MPSC adopt it into practice. Utility customers in Michigan deserve to know their utility corporations are working toward reliable service, and every indication says that will require government and regulatory accountability.”