Massachusetts and Maine AGs Asked FERC for Just and Reasonable Market Reform in Region

On April 21, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and the Maine Office of the Public Advocate submitted comments and a partial protest to FERC regarding a proposal from the New England electricity market operator (ISO-New England) to reform a market rule that effectively places a price floor on bids by energy producers, making it more expensive for renewable energy to compete in energy markets. The comments argue that the rule interferes with the ability of states to determine where their electricity comes from, and can lead to higher prices for consumers and less competition. Rather than immediately removing the floor, the market operator has proposed to include a two-year transition period for removing the floor, which will prolong the harms. AG Healey and the Maine Public Advocate are protesting the transition period as unsupported by any evidence to show that it is just and reasonable, including as to consumer rates.