California AG Filed Comments Raising Concerns Regarding Proposed Wetland Filling and Gas Drilling in San Francisco Bay-Delta

Acting California Attorney General Matthew Rodriquez filed comments urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to disclose additional information regarding an application submitted by oil and gas developer Sunset Exploration for a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit to fill wetlands and conduct exploratory oil and gas drilling in the San Francisco Bay-Delta’s Suisun Marsh region. The comments noted that despite the “checkered history” of oil and gas development in Suisun Marsh, the Army Corps failed to make Sunset Exploration’s application available to the public in full, depriving the public of critical information on the proposed project’s potential impacts on air and water quality and local wildlife. The comments noted that the project could cause significant harm to nearby environmental justice communities — a concern that was not addressed in public notice published by the Army Corps. The comments also raised concerns about the Army Corps’ intent to comply with National Environmental Policy Act requirements by preparing an environmental assessment for the project, rather than a full environmental impact statement.