Apply for an NYU Fellow - State Commissions

  • Please provide a general description of the proposed portfolio of work for the fellow.
    • If you are proposing a specific project for the fellow, please identify how much of the fellow’s time you expect it would occupy, and any other general types of work you would give to the fellow.
    • Please discuss how the proposed work advances affordable, reliable, equitable, clean energy.
  • Please provide a general description of the planned supervision and mentoring of the fellow.

  • Please provide details about qualifications for the desired fellow (e.g., attorney or non-attorney, other graduate degree; level of experience), salary range, and remote/in-person requirements. Note: if selected, your agency will be responsible for recruiting and selecting the candidate.

  • Applications should identify any state-specific limitations or requirements governing the appointment of an employee paid by an outside funding source, and include a written confirmation that the agency has the authority to bring on an NYU Fellow as a Special Policy Assistant (or similar title).

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Each fellowship will support a full-time position for one year, with the possibility to extend, depending on funding.

Please direct questions and application materials to Jessica Bell, [email protected].